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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

NC Businesses on the Web

Making Websites Work for You

Internet marketing by Charlotte web site design firm Parker Web

Fine & Groovy Glassware & Gifts
The Leonardo Store
Introduced from Germany, Leonardo Glass accolades include the Oprah magazine's "O" list, stints on the "Today Show" and in "Redbook".

Comfort CAN be Beautiful...and Affordable!
Casual Furniture World

Love golf? Now you can make it a lot easier! connects golf courses and golfers. Golfers can save money by purchasing their rounds online and best of all, Clickitgolf is a FREE service to all golfers. Sign up today or start searching golf courses.

Safe & Secure Real Estate Opportunities in the Charlotte area!
Smart Choice Realty

Smart Choice Realty, LLC provides safe and secure real estate investment opportunities. We specialize in selling New-Home Construction to real estate investors. We offer unique opportunities such as cash back at closing and zero money down.

The low-cost internet provider in Charlotte and Mecklenburg.
Charlotte Internet
The Possible Internet

Automated Directions, Inc.
Automated Directions, Inc. is a full service system integrator and distributor for many of today's leading manufacturers of material handling equipment. We are committed to solve our customers' material handling concerns through innovative system designs and creative storage techniques.

Tools and Access for the 21st Century
Web and Internet solutions for homes and businesses in the Charlotte area.

Keeping Charlotte Wired for over 25 years.
Mecklenburg Electric - Commercial, Industrial & Residential Wiring.
Wiring and Electrical solutions for homes, industry and businesses in the Charlotte area.

Coming soon to your neighborhood, CityAdNet is opening its doors in October 2005. Specializing in local Internet marketing, their services bring together web sites and advertisers to create win-win relationships. Sometimes, less is more. Go to the site and check out the details. Launching soon!


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