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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sculpture of Jim Beckwourth by Andy Axtell

Sculpture of Jim Beckwourth by Andy Axtell

"Jim Beckwourth" by Andy Axtell
Bronze Medal Winner

Jim Beckwourth, a son of Sir Jennings Beckwith and Catherine Miskell of Virginia, roamed the US in the early 1800s, and contributed greatly to our knowledge and understanding or the geography of the land, the culture of Native-Americans, African-Americans, and others...and was a master of languages and the fine art of spinning a tale. And although many have tried to sully his life's accomplishments and innate abilities, time, and scholarship, is showing that many detracted from him out of racism, jealousy, and political and commercial reasons. Much like they do to this day.

Anyway, this is a wonderful depiction of the great man. I hope you enjoy it. And also wish I had done it! :) ~ mrwondrous


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